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View from the river to the Lake.


Beautiful Lake Guajataca is located between the towns of San Sebastian, Quebradillas and Isabela in Puerto Rico.  It is a beautiful man made lake surrounded by rain forests, great for camping, sight seeing, hiking, fishing, nature watching and relaxing.   Here in the forests of the shores you can see nature at it's best, you can watch Fishing Eagles (Osprey), White Cranes (Egrets) and other birds fish.  You can even see the fish swimming along the shores in it's clear waters.  The area of Lake Guajataca is 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the Island of Puerto Rico, making this place great for outdoor activities.

History/Info about Lake Guajataca, P.R.

Lake Guajataca is one of the biggest lake in Puerto Rico, it is a man made lake, a water reserve.  Lake Guajataca was built in 1928 by building a dam across the river Guajataca.

The dam is a semi hydraulic earth filled structure about 123 ft high, a top width of 31 ft., a crest elevation of 664 ft., a base width of 623 ft., a crest length of 1,036 ft. and has a maximum storage capacity of 49,000 acre-ft. The Guajataca Dam is owned by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and provides water for the municipalities of Aguadilla, Isabela, Moca, Aguada and Quebradillas.

Capacity Table: (Based on data from Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority)

Elevation, in ft
Contents, in acre-ft

All boat ramps are on private property, there are two pay ramps you may use for a couple of dollars.  There is also a public ramp that belongs to DRN that is located along the road Carr. No. 119.   There are also two private fishing clubs with ramps, "Club Lobinero de Lares" and the "Back Lash Club".  

There are also good places for eating and dancing, like Vista del Lago, it is a open air restaurant and dancing hall with a beautiful view of the lake.

A 5 pound Large Mouth Bass my son Joseph Ferrer caught (7 years old) at Lake Guajataca.

Game Fish

In lake Guajataca you will find game fish such as the Large Mouth Bass, Peacock Bass, Tilapia, Sunfish and Catfish.

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